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Gen Z is the group of peers born in or after 1997. The members of Gen-Z are highly educated, brilliant, and a digitally advanced group. These people have never seen a world before the 5G smartphone, e-commerce, or digital currency. Digital currency or E-commerce is not an innovation for them. But, it is a standard where their expectations begin. This reshapes how this generation expects services, workplaces, and schools to function.

There will be around 2 billion Gen-Z workforces who will join the market in the coming years. And, to sustain such a massive, technologically advanced, and digitally native generation, companies have to push and rethink their hiring strategy. In 2020, Covid -19 pandemic changed the way companies operate, giving rise to virtual workplaces. Zoom meetings, E-Signature, and Cloud storage have become the new normal. However, amid this pandemic, one trend which is thriving is Mobile recruitment.

What is mobile recruitment?

Mobile recruitment refers to the recruitment strategy that uses mobile technology to attract, engage and convert job applicants to employees. Mobile is the most used form of communication over email or desktop. It is a widely used platform to hire candidates via push notification on WhatsApp, Chatbot, and AI.

What is mobile recruitment?

Why mobile recruitment?

Mobile recruitment offers flexibility to work. The recruiters and hiring managers can carry out the recruitment process from anywhere. It gives ease to scheduling an interview, providing internal feedback, and communication with the candidate.

With mobile recruitment, HR professionals can directly contact the candidate over an SMS or WhatsApp message, this reduces the time required to cold call the job applicants. It bolsters up candidate satisfaction by providing them instant feedback regarding their candidature status which apparently builds a positive brand image among the job seekers.

The hiring process can be tedious due to its time consuming, expensive and manual way of nature. Facilitating the hiring process via mobile saves everyone’s time and the cost for the company.

Mobile being an integrated tool of communication with emails, texts, and social media, it is also the most attractive platform for Gen-Z to search for a new job. According to a Glassdoor survey, 58% of users prefer to send an application for the job with their smartphone. Thus, mobile recruitment has become the preferred way of recruitment for organisations due to its easy and quick way of nature.

What is mobile recruitment?

Looking at the current scenario, the smartphone market is growing, with over 350 million mobile users having internet access, among which more and more Gen-Z are using or will use smartphones. It is needless to say, recruitment strategy and mobile recruitment approach is lockstep towards the best way to attract, hire and keep your Gen-Z workforce.

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